Saturday, July 11, 2020
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1. Acceptance

Global-Business Magazine & News (in short GBMN constitute website and digital magazine) is a brand of the Amanah Institute of Islamic Finance and Economics Pvt Limited (Amanah IIFE) which is registered in Pakistan as private limited company and in Germany as single member company by Mr. Muhammad Ashfaq. It is the obligation of the reader/company/viewer to read "Terms of Use" before accessing the content available in the website and in digital magazine. If you access the website, it constitutes acceptance of "Terms of Use" by you. However, you should not access the website if you do not accept the "Terms of Use".

2. Content

The company is not responsible for any kind of error or mistake intentionally or unintentionally arising regarding the topicality, completeness or quality of the data and information contained in this website of GBMN and digital magazine. The company will not take responsibility for any kind of damage caused due to incomplete or incorrect information contained and any claim of responsibility therefore rejected. The company takes only responsibility of mutually signed agreements and contracts (in written form) with individuals and organizations. The information available on website does not constitute the basis of any agreement. The company will not take responsibility of incorrectness of information contained in an article/press release submitted by an external company or author.

3. Copyright

The company has considerably taken care to not include any information or data from external sources and respect the copyright laws. No individual or organization can use images, text, diagrams, sounds etc. developed solely by the Amanah IIFE and its associated brands without prior written permission from the company. The Global-Business Magazine & News participates in several networking events and conferences. The photos taken by the Global-Business Magazine & News team is property of the company and may be display on the website, in digital magazine and social media platforms. Once you submit an article to us, you give the copyrights to the Global-Business Magazine & News.

4. Business Liability

The Amanah IIFE operates under its own brands and the company has no general business partnership or association with any organization anywhere in the world. However, the company has signed written agreements with different companies as partners (partners cannot conduct any business on the behalf of Amanah IIFE and its associated brands unless explicit written permission is given to do specific activity. These partners are liable themselves for any activity in their routine business). If any organization claims to be associated with the Amanah IIFE and its brands, then proper due diligence must be carried out before entering a business relationship. The Amanah IIFE or its brands will not be responsible if a party claims association/business relationship with the Amanah IIFE and its associated brands without any written agreement.

5. Advertisements and Sponsorships

It is the prime responsibility of advertisers and sponsors to make ensure that their information displayed on the website of Global-Business Magazine & News ( and included in the digital magazine fully comply with national and international laws. The Amanah IIFE is not liable for any incorrectness in advertisements and sponsorship deals and content of the advertisements.

6. Legal Notice

All data and information accessible via the website of Global-Business Magazine & News ( is subject to constant monitoring. However, intermediate changes or errors cannot be excluded. Therefore, the Amanah IIFE and its associated brands assumes no guarantee or liability for currentness, completeness or accuracy of the information provided. In case of any dispute, the legal court of jurisdiction will be Lahore, Pakistan and Pakistan law will be applicable.

Last Date of Update: 1.09.2017