Global Halal Industry Growing in Italy: Interview With Dr. Danilo Scalone

by Admin, Director Amanah Halal Research Centre  

GBMN: Please share with our readers about your professional background?

Scalone: EDA associated deals with professional advice in the fields of food safety, research and development, quality control and professional training. Over 40 years of activity in inspections and supervision services in the field of preventive controls represent the background of Scalone and Turlà families. On this basis, the origins of EDA associated are based on the transmission from father to sons of values ​​of professionalism and scientific approach.

Today Dr. Scalone and Dr. Turlà, having taken over the footsteps of fathers, have built with over 10 years of history an association of professionals that embraces the 360 ​​degree food safety industry: by combining the professions of Food Technology and Veterinary Medicine, EDA associated manages to cover professionally the needs Businesses at all levels of industry expertise, from the most complex industrial process to typical local productions, from food security to the process food inspection, typical of veterinary competence.

GBMN: In which type of business your company EDA is associated?

Scalone: EDA Associated is a scientific partner of several companies in Italy and abroad: participates and affiliates companies for the promotion of the territory, collaborates on the drafting of food safety systems and new forms of OSA (food business operators).

To date, around 5,000 OSAs have been produced. EDA associated has also carried out more than 200 audits of 2nd Part for the qualification of suppliers, alongside companies during their GDO qualification and food schemes such as BRC, IFS.

GBMN: How do you see role of different certifications in enhancing the quality of Food?

Scalone: Within EDA associated there is a research and development team. This team of experts is constantly working to find new solutions that will allow customers to develop new markets and new tools to build a food security system that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their own system.

As stated, Dr. Scalone, developing an interior design for a customer, specialized in Halal productions following a specific training and performing a series of Halal productions. In relation to how far the EDA associated develops a production methodology for all companies that make it demand-oriented to the use of natural ingredients without synthesis products to produce a high quality level of personal well-being.

GBMN: What has been the toughest decision that you had taken?

Scalone: During PhD studies, I was asked to go to work for a multinational in the enzymes industry but the desire to give a contribution to the local production fabric and the passion to the food industry did not allow me to Break the intrinsic bond with my land.

Today, I can say that that choice of a 26-year-old boy with the passion of a researcher has allowed me to create a consulting firm that boasts over 300 customers, over 5,000 people that received training, over 100 R&D projects completed and so many satisfactions from a professional point of view.

The approach of EDA associated to every customer request is of a scientific nature. There are some projects that indelibly mark the hearts and minds of professionals. The research activity develops and holds people together to attain goals that sometimes bitterly result in a failure compared to the goals that are to be achieved.

I remember three important projects that have marked and have changed and improved my personal research approach. It was in 2004 when in a company we developed an enzymatic extraction system for obtaining and studying a degrading enzyme of some fig tree India fruits; characterization and study were supported by some Sicilian universities and after one year of work we got the groundwork for obtaining IV gamma fig tree India fruits.

GBMN: EDA is a strategic partner with the Amanah Halal Research Centre which organized recently Global Halal Forum in Palermo. What is reason to organize such forum in Italy? What is your plans for Global Halal Forum 2018?

Scalone: Success is to feel free to make choices and not to follow the mass.

From a professional point of view, we have achieved important goals, among which being strategic partners for the Amanah HRC and being able to demonstrate that our goals have been achieved each year in accordance with the forecasts made each year.

The partnership with the Amanah HRC has allowed us to bring new business opportunities and opportunities for companies in the EDA network. We received strong feedback from professionals, control bodies, students who responded and gave real feedback.

EDA's goal is to be a vehicle for innovation and openness to new scenarios, alongside companies in new horizons and new opportunities.

GHF 2017 has emerged from the desire of scientists and companies who have come to the event to make an increasingly scientific cut, focusing attention on HALAL certification, but also by cutting a large part of the annual event and devoting it to scientific work to develop new products and rewrite conventional recipes to the world of the Muslim consumer. For this reason, the GHF 2018 will involve the universities of Palermo and Catania in addition to companies and freelancers by opening the door to research and scientific work that will be sent to magazines and journals in the industry.

GBMN: What different challenges and opportunities are you seeing in food certification industry?

Scalone: The pursuit of a supplier's reliability and continued research towards customer loyalty has led to voluntary certification from the food industry as a tool for differentiation and to enhancing consumer confidence in choosing the same.

The need for safe and qualitatively superior foods has allowed the development and upgrading of certain schemes, including HALAL certification, which provides a guarantee to the Muslim consumer and makes sure that what he buys is in accordance with his faith and his lifestyle.

GBMN: How do you see the future of logistics industry? Do you think Global Halal Industry has enormous potential for logistic industry to grow in Europe?

Scalone: To date, attention has been focused mainly on food production, not on how the ingredients come to the industry and then on how finished products come to the final consumer table.

The logistics sector has for some years recognized the strategic role in food security. On this part, some standards have created specific schemes to increase the security and quality assurance to the final consumer.

Controlling the whole food supply chain cannot ignore the logistics and transport sectors as the means, warehouses and routes management allows to maintain the food security levels required by the GDO and the Final Consumers.

From these premises, I believe that the opening up of logistics companies and shipping to Halal certification will enable them to develop markets that are unknown to today and increase guarantees for HALAL products towards final consumers.

GBMN: What are the short term, medium and long-term plans for EDA?

Scalone: EDA associated is undergoing an important period as new projects are underway, including the construction of a business network that will allow new services to be added and strengthened customer loyalty.

A pilot laboratory is underway to assist in consulting the need for experimental laboratory tests for both the meat and vegetable sectors. There are important investments in scientific research in response to customer needs.

Dr. Danilo Scalone is partner at Associato EDA and Director Research and Development at Amanah Halal Research Centre.