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About Company

It was back in 1953, in south-eastern Sicily, that Peppino Polara set up his plant and made his first gassosa. The history of Bibite Polara began over 60 years ago, with a great mix of fizz, Sicilian flavor and capacity for innovation. A winning recipe, which has enabled this Modica-based company to expand their distribution network, entering the various segments of the soft drinks market, and finally becoming one of the biggest beverage producers in Sicily, Southern Italy and throughout the Mediterranean. At its modernized plant in Modica, Polara continues to produce soft drinks using craft-based techniques but with the latest, safe equipment that passes on the highest possible quality to consumers. Thus, alongside the already wide range of products - for retail chains and Horeca - there is now a vintage line: the soft drinks of yesteryear, from Polara’s early days in the 1950s, from an Ancient Recipe, guarded and handed down from one generation to the next.

Our Guiding Values

Bibite Polara’s work and production processes are based on just a few principles, but they are vital: - ongoing daily care and attention overall production: from selecting ingredients, to regular lab tests at all stages of the production process; – Maintaining excellent standards, reflecting our calling for soft-drink production; – Tradition and innovation together: the search for new and advanced models to bring out the best properties of Sicilian citrus fruits, for a top-quality, healthy beverage; - responsible and targeted growth. Understood as the ability to expand the product range, while respecting environment and resources.

Mission: to Provide Sicilians with Quality Beverages

With an innovative eye and heart set firmly in tradition, here at Bibite Polara we pursue a single philosophy: to grow together with our customers, satisfying their needs as well as an increasingly demanding and cost-conscious marketplace. Because commanding a leading position on the market means maintaining the quality of our products and services at the highest levels. Satisfying our consumers with thirst-quenching soft drinks, in the best genuine Sicilian taste: these are the objectives on which we, as a Sicilian company, intend to continue building our image. As well as writing the next chapter in a great success story.


With over 60 years’ experience, here at Bibite Polara we follow specific rules to make sure that the market gets the highest quality soft drinks possible. Every drink produced at the Modica plant is made to an original recipe, using natural ingredients carefully selected in the best Sicilian tradition. An efficient quality control system in compliance with environmental regulations and respect, in accordance with ISO 14001, in line with IFS (International Featured Standard) Food protocols on food safety, with ongoing self-assessment as required by regulations and by ISO 9001 guidelines.

  • The Best Products with the Right Price-Quality Ratio

The whole of Polara’s product range - both in glass and in PET bottles - from its traditional carbonated, low-calorie and sugar-free drinks to fruit-juice-based products and energy drinks, from zero-calorie teas to multivitamin beverages, is manufactured using certified production criteria: carefully selected raw materials and suppliers, targeted quality checks throughout the production process, all the way to the packaging step, as well as one of the sector’s most competitive quality/price ratios.

  • Chemical, Physical and Microbiological Quality

On top of the usual quality controls, there are also in-process control systems involving tests at every stage in the production process, using monitoring systems. At the corporate laboratory, all of the physical, chemical and microbiological tests are carried out on raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, using analytical instrumentation and methods, to ensure that the measurements are both relevant and reliable.


In order to emerge in the beverage sector, here at Bibite Polara we have made flexibility our calling card. This can be seen in our ability to expand the number of products on offer, so as to fully satisfy our customers and gain a strong foothold in every segment of the beverage market, by offering top-quality products.

  • New Production Plants: Versatility & High Productivity

Leveraging our geographical location – which allows us to offer distributors throughout southern Italy an optimum balance between performance and value – Bibite Polara’s efficiency and credibility can also be seen in our timely deliveries and the potential daily production (two production lines with a capacity of over 500,000 bottles), which was achieved by expanding the factory, aiming to maximize flexibility so that multiple productions can be carried out with total efficiency. And today the new plant in Modica has 2500 square meters for production and bottling in all major PET and glass formats.

  • Logistics and Palletizing

Finally, our business is also based on large warehouses for storing finished products, with a capacity of over 4000 pallets and IT systems providing highly advanced industrial management and monitoring of every single production stage. This provides Polara’s consumers with a guarantee of total product reliability, with a level of efficiency that only leading companies in the beverage sector are able to offer.

B2B Services

A personal, customer-centered approach from the original concept to optimization of the formula, from cost analysis to bottling and distribution. Over the years, this has enabled Bibite Polara to branch out into services as a sole supplier for the production and distribution of private-label beverages.

  • At the Service of Modern Distributors

And today Polara is structured to meet the growing demand for private labels in the soft drink sector, the ideal partners for retail chains, small drinks producers, industrial manufacturers and distributors. A specialized contracting service enables Polara to manufacture products to stringent price, formulation and packaging specifications. Speedy well-planned deliveries, an excellent sales team (1 key account manager and 9 non-exclusive agents), consolidated knowhow in the production of commercial brands–these characteristics make Polara a preferred partner for modern distribution firms.

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Contrada Margi, 97015 Modica (RG), Sicilia – Italia

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